There is a proposal to ban smoking in front of children in Russia

The public organization “League of Nation’s Health” proposed for State Duma deputies to introduce a ban on smoking in public places in front of minors.


“People complain that parents smoke in front of children. They smoke everywhere in the public places. A public place consists of two or more people. Today’s society requests to stop it”- said vice-president of the” League of Nation’s Health”, Nikolai Kononov.


According to him, by 17 November, the deputies together with the experts are going to form this recommendation into the draft bill. Kononov said “measures to stop smoking in public places should be developed gradually.”


In September 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Russia has made tangible progress in the fight against smoking.


The law banning smoking began to operate in 2013. Then we have banned smoking in doorways, government offices, hospitals, theatres, museums, SPA’s and sports facilities. The full force of anti-smoking law came on June 1, 2014. Smoking has been banned in all cafes and restaurants. The limitation does not spread over the electronic cigarettes and hookah tobacco-free.

“League of Nation’s Health” – the all-Russian public organization, founded in 2003. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and participates in making public health protection programs. League is one of the accredited organizations that distribute government grants among social NGOs.

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