If the statistics of numerous deaths of Russians from tobacco products are correct, why do “death factories” still work?

According to the research made by a British scientific journal The Lancet, in 2015 in Russia 283 thousand people died of diseases caused by smoking. Recently, especially after the launch of the anti-tobacco campaign, the information about deaths from smoking is regularly published both in Russia and abroad. Frightening figures vary but practically all the researchers report hundreds of thousands of smokers dying annually. While Russian anti-tobacconists tend to speak in larger terms thank their foreign colleagues. Russian officials, politicians and experts disclosed the information about a half-million tobacco victims per yearly.

Such statistics of smoking related deaths always rises a great number of questions. We wonder if any of death certificates reads that death was caused by smoking tobacco. If not, the statistics of tobacco deaths is unfounded. If it was specified in at least one of the above-mentioned 283 000, then there must definitely be the details: what brand cigarettes became the reason of somebody’s death, which manufacturer’s products did they prefer etc. Moreover, the investigation of deadly products based on death certificates must be carried out and the names of the factories which produce the goods that cause untimely deaths of Russians must be disclosed.
If death certificates prove that mass deaths are caused by the consumption of any domestic tobacco products, then the next step must be the halt of all the related factories and the ban of smoking of any kind of cigarettes, green tobacco pipe tobacco etc.
But it doesn’t happen. Moreover, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has even refuted the prospect of the tobacco ban by 2035! It turns out that the ministry just imitates the control of smoking encouraging the pharmaceutical lobby which makes money on anti-tobacco products or there aren’t really any scientific
facts which prove the direct dependence of mass deaths on cigarettes.
There is definitely no such data. Even medical records which are kept for each patient in Russian hospitals do not have a box for the information if the patient smokes or not. Doctors are now just planning to add this information to the patients’ files but only to estimate the dynamics of the tobacco consumption.
So, death figures that have been cited are not based on serious statistics which have strong grounds such as the number of people who died and were born, but on random interpretation of the data on the number of people who died from ‘tobacco diseases’. We can state equally well that hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens get ill or die from low-quality and falsified food. Most people understand it quite well. Comments show what Russians think of such statistics of deaths from tobacco (sic).
“I’d rather they called Russia the most drinking country”! This is the reason people die, not cigarettes. In our village half of men died from vodka and no one died from smoking!… – says User 33.
“Only if it was tobacco – no one has ever died from tobacco. But there is no tobacco in cigarettes! That’s why they cough”, – writes Krasnoarmeyka.
“Ban tobacco surrogates in cigarettes. People are dying because of chemicals. And not only in cigarettes, but in any products”, says Ivan.
“The problem is that so-called tobacco products do hardly have any tobacco. As for the rest, it is exaggerated, of course. Ask Fidel Castro how tobacco mowed him off when he was 90… People are being poisoned with different shit wa used with a nickname hile tobacco is in the wrong…” – shares his opinion a user with a nickname Glasnost’.
It looks very much like our reality.

Victor Sidorov.

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