Russia ranks fourth worldwide in the number of deaths caused by smoking

According to a recent study, Russia has been ranked fourth in the number of smokers and deaths associated with smoking.
In the course of 2015, cigarettes took the lives of 283 people. The research has revealed that more than 8 million of Russian women (12% of female population) smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. As for men, the share of smokers account for 38% of the male population.
According to some estimate, there are 1 billion smokers on Earth (which means that one in every seven people constantly buys cigarettes). In 2015, 11% of deaths resulted from pathologies associated with smoking.
Every year, about 5 million people die of the negative effects of nicotine. Cigarettes are mainly popular among the countries with a low standard of living. “Top-10″ is headed by China, followed by India, Indonesia and Russia. The list also includes such countries as Germany, Japan, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Brazil.
Almost 50% of male population smoke in the Mariana Islands. The Laotians, Armenians, Indonesians and Kiribati residents are also well-known as heavy smokers. The highest share of female smokers lives in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greenland.
The largest number of people dying of smoking has been tracked in China and India. A high level of mortality due to the addiction has also been shown in Indonesia, Russia and the United States of America.
On June 1, 2013, anti-tobacco law came into effect in Russia. Most importantly, the law prohibits smoking in public places (transport communication, cultural and sports institutions, offices, government bodies, etc.).

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